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About Alum-Tek
Silence. It's golden. And we sell it.

Alum-Tek Industries Ltd., incorporates years of engineering knowledge and hands-on acoustics experience into the specialized manufacture of enclosures, containers and subbase fuel tanks for power generation.

Alum-Tek works successfully with industry to make the world quieter. Quieter for a home-owner or office worker who may be located close to a diesel generator whose roar has been tamed by an Alum-Tek enclosure.

From its core expertise as acoustical specialists, Alum-Tek has developed a full array of technical solutions for industrial clients. These range from simple generator set housings to sophisticated, custom-designed enclosures and cabs, engineered to withstand Arctic cold, desert heat and tropical rain. Depending on client specifications, features can include: specially treated acoustic walls, inlet/outlet silencers, air handling equipment, fire detection and suppression, special lighting, extensive exhaust silencing, subbase fuel tanks and special hardware.

Alum-Tek also packages enclosures with subbase tanks using client supplied generator sets and switchgear.

Alum-Tek can preform unity or 0.8 power factor full load tests along with acoustic tests to ensure that the completed package is engineered to client specifications. Finished packages are shipped direct to client's facility.

Alum-Tek's corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities are strategically located in Aldergrove, British Columbia - just five minutes north of the U.S. border, close to US Interstate Highway 5 and only a one hour drive from the port of Vancouver via the Trans Canada Highway 1.

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